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It's Happening at The Create Exchange

I love holiday crafts and decorating! How about you? This year for our Window Wonderland we transformed paper, pop sticks,and styrofoam into a charming winter scene. Choosing a simple color scheme, in our case using only white and silver, really helps pull it all together

We cut paper into houses, trees and deer, attached pop stick to the back and stood them up in a styrofoam base.I added wax paper to the back of the houses to soften the light coming through the windows. A little fake snow and some rope lighting completed the project. It was a lot of work but, using just some really basic supplies, I think we got a great result. This would be very easy to recreate, on a smaller scale,for your own windows at home.

Instead of buying a new wreath, I re-used my autumn, wreath. I simply removed the old embellishments, spray painted the wreath white and added some new floral picks and ribbon. I tried using Glitter Spray paint to add some sparkle but it really didn't work out. The Diamond Dust spray paint didn't show up the way I had hoped. Additionally, the nozzle on the can clogs up really quickly and had to be cleaned out after less than a minute of spraying. The silver diamond dust glitter paint showed up pretty well but had the same problem of the nozzle clogging.

Here's the Top 3 from Sunday Nov. 13th

1. Dori Nickell created this wonderful art piece using acrylic fluid paint on Canvas

2. Liz Mayer Adrian created this prince jacket costume by from old garments.

3. Sherry Turner-Johnson did a great job refinishing an old table and chair set.

Sunday Nov. 20th

1. Liz Adrian does it again, creating this fun peasant costume from old garments

1. Jamie Nash created this cute snowman ornament from an electric tea light

2. Diana Brayton used old dominos and alcohol ink to create these cute magnets

2. Peg Adkins-Robinson uses mixed media techniques to create interesting art journal pages.

Sunday Nov. 27th

1. Michelle Bell created this ceramic church. The details she added make it really special.

2. Liz Adrian does it again, creating this peasant skirt costume from an old shower curtain.

3. Mike Fronjovi combined his love for the Hawkeyes and bicycles by creating this upcycled bike wheel clock.

Coming Up

12/7 Card Making Group 6:30-8:30 pm

12/15 Snowman Painting Class 6:30-8:30 pm

12/19 Ugly Sweater Contest entry deadline 9am

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