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I love fall! It's my favorite season. It's the time the of year we celebrate the harvest season, often crafting and decorating with all sorts of things, like colorful fall leaves, pumpkins, hay stacks, and of course...scarecrows. Scarecrows have been used, around the world for hundreds of years, to protect crops. Whether you call them scarecrow, hay-man, gallybagger or pumpkin people traditionally they are human shaped and dressed in old raggedy clothes.

Here at The Create Exchange we celebrate fall by sponsoring the Czech Fest Community Art Challenge - Build a Scare Crow Contest.

This is a fun challenge! Scarecrows will be displayed in Czech Village during CzechFest 2016, Sunday Sept. 25th


If you would like to participate, The Create Exchange will provide a free shirt and pair of pants to get you started and you take it from there. Shirts and pants will be available will be available for pickup from the store beginning Tuesday September Sept. 7th.

Here's the rules:

Scarecrows must be completed and returned to Czech Village for installation by 8 am Sunday, Sept. 25. Jeans or overalls and a long sleeve shirt will be provided to help get you started. Scarecrows must be handmade by you (your team, organization, or family) and you must use the pants and shirt provided.You can cover the shirt and pants completely but you must use them.

You will have 1 hour to set up the scarecrow in an assigned spot in the village. Scarecrows will remain on display throughout Czech Fest 2015. Prizes will be awarded based on creativity and general appeal.

Completed scarecrows will be displayed throughout the village and must be family friendly.

Scarecrows will be judged by our very special Czech Royalty kids at approximately 1:30pm. You do not need to be present to win. Scarecrows must be removed at the end of CzechFest (5pm).

Need a little inspiration? Czech out the pictures from last years competition. Dana Groff was the winner with her Donald Trump scarecrow.

We had a great group of projects last week! Here's your top 3 (really 5 since we had a 3 way tie for third place).

1. Upcycled Cupboard Door- Michelle Churchill Bell did a great job turning this old cupboard door into a lovely piece of home decor.

2. Espadrilles- Mary Lou Nemer-Pauba made these colorful espadrilles.They are so cute and look comfy too! Makes me want a pair.

3. Mixed Media Art Canvas- Tina Ender used a variety of materials and techniques to create this interesting and beautiful art canvas.

3. Disney themed shirt- Sarah Stufflebeam created a super cute shirt for her daughter to wear on the family trip to Disney World. The happiest place on earth will be a little cuter when the Stufflebeam,s arrive!

3. Let's Party Card- Stephanie AtKisson cards are so creative. I love the little pigs and chickens on this one.

Coming Up

Sept, 7th- Card Making Group 6:30pm-8:30pm

Sept. 10th- Czech Village Farmer’s Market- 8am-1pm. Sokol Park

Sept. 21st- Card Making Group 6:30pm-8:30pm

Sept. 25th- CzechFest- includes Build a Scarecrow contest and pumpkin decorating

Sept 27th- Kittd craft class 6:30pm-8:30pm

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