Materials and Supplies Wish List


Sewing- fabric any type ¼ yard to bolt, tulle, sewing thread, needles, pins, elastic, Velcro, trims and lace, buttons, zippers, batting, interfacing, fiberfill, scissors, patterns, quilting tools, patches, sewing machines


Paper  Crafting  supplies- decorative scissors and punches, stickers, ink pads, stencils, stamps, brads, paper trims and ephemera, scrapbook and origami paper, cardstock and cutouts, adhesives, construction paper, colored printer paper


Wood-working- tools, sandpaper, patterns, wood, blank plaques, pallets, spools, wood furniture (please call ahead to make sure we have space)


Sparkly- glitter, rhinestones, sequins, shells, old silverware


Painting/Art-  oil/acrylic/watercolor paints *quantity under 1 quart (partial bottle are just fine)*, brushes, canvas, drawing paper, pencils, chalks, charcoals, ink,, easels, clay, sculpting tools, mosaic tiles, glass and porcelain paint


Fiber  Arts yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, embroidery thread, needles, hoops, cross stitch fabric, kits, latch hooks, plastic canvas, roving/felting/spinning supplies, design transfers, fabric paint and dye, looms


Vintage- tea cups, saucers and small plates, stemware, keys, license plates, postcards, maps, sheet music, cigar boxes, neckties, jeans, wine crates, baskets, belts, wool sweaters, furs, mason jars, typewriter keys, old hardcover books, game boards,, postcards


Disposables- wine corks and bottles, egg crates, baby food jars, spools, gift bags, brown paper bags, metal bottle caps, tins


Jewelry-  (old/broken/mismatched is ok) findings, tools, boxes, beads, gemstones, cabochons, leather craft tools and supplies, chain, cording, watches

Floral - artificial flower/greenery, floral foam/wire/tape, seeds, sticks, seedpods, pots, vases, garden tools


Other Stuff- candlesticks, wooden rulers and yardsticks, pool noodles, Bicycle parts,  jute, rope, chain, shovels/rake/garden tools with wooden handles, tissue paper, twine, records and album jackets,  magnet backs, colored duct tape, acorns, pine cones, hot glue guns and sticks, foam sheets,  wallpaper, chalk boards, mirrors, pompoms, google and safety eyes, pipe cleaners, gears, bike chains, marbles, craft books, puzzle and game pieces, plastic farm animals/dinosaurs/army men, jeans, t-shirts,



No, Thank You : Stuff we don’t need right now-

upholstery fabric samples, holiday cards or decorations, glossy magazines, plastic food packaging, clothes, junk drawer toys, finished or unfinished projects, soiled curtains/sheets, ANYTHING that smells of smoke or mildew