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How many times have you bought all the supplies you needed for a particular project, only to find that you don't love doing that project? or, bought more supplies than you needed for a project? Is all that stuff sitting on a shelf or in a closet, cluttering up your valuable space? We have a solution for that! 


Please give us a call to

schedule an appointment for your



Drop-offs or in store credit

     There are 2 ways to drop off your unused items

  • Drop it off and walk away- we will take it from there. Supplies should be clean but do not need to be organized.

  • In-store credit is available for most items on our wish list. The wish list is updated frequently so be sure to check for the most current list. Average credit is $5-20. Credit is limited to $20 per person/per day and a total of $300.

  • Store credit will not be given for sewing patterns (1980-present)and magazines because we give those away for free. Also, while we do accept them, do not give credits for recyclables, like egg cartons and paper/cardboard tubes.

  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any item. You are always free to accept or reject our credit offer.


It's been in the basment awhile...

   Do not hesitate to drop off materials that have that faint “attic/basement smell” from being stored for long periods – we usually find that just letting them air out a few days at the shop reduces that odor significantly(we also have some other things to try if that doesn’t work). We adore aged paper ephemera, old fabric, retro yarns, and those mysteriously messy jars of buttons…we’ll clean them up and lovingly display them in our beautiful, well-organized space! Unfortunately, we can’t usually save items that are heavily soiled/damaged or have strong odors of smoke or mildew.




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