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Organizing, or reorganizing, your craft supplies can be fun, overwhelming, and challenging, but the end result is so worth it. Having things organized helps in many ways. Whether you have a whole craft room, a craft store, or just a dresser or closet, managing supplies so they are easy to find is important. I mean really, why go buy more pipe cleaners just because you can’t find, or didn’t remember you already had a pack of 100?

I like to use clear tubs or totes so I can see what’s there without having to open the container. Totes or boxes with lids help keep your supplies clean and protected. Adding labels may seem a little OCD but, they really do prevent wasted time and the frustration of having to look through several containers to find the one thing you really need.

When finding storage solutions, sometimes it helps to think outside the box, literally. An old CD rack can be great for holding rolls of ribbon, a basket full of yarn can look pretty on a table, and mason jars look great full of buttons.

Keep like items in the same area. This is especially important if you do more than craft. For example, I have a rolling cupboard that holds all my card making and scrapbooking supplies. I use a dresser for yarn, crochet hooks, pompom makers and all the little things like yarn needles, stitch markers and scissors. The fine arts supplies are organized on shelves near a drawing table and, my sewing table has drawers for everything from thread to patterns to notions and fabric.

No matter what project you are doing, the first thing you do is gather your supplies. So take the time now to make those supplies easy to find. You will be more likely to use what you have and be more relaxed when you are ready to create.

Here's the Top 3 projects from Sunday Oct.9th

1.Color Pooling Crochet Technique- Jamy Kasmiskie used this super popular, new crochet technique to create a great looking scarf.

2. Sugar Skull- Maria Sanchez-Masi had some fun while the kids were off school, creating this fun, colorful sugar skull.

3. Mummy Hand Wreath- I love the creepy-cute mummy hand wreath created by Sherry Turner Johnson

Sunday Oct. 16th Top 3

1.Wedding Sign- Morgan Enz did a great job creating the perfect sign of a very special occasion

1. Artist Trading Cards- Peg Adkins-Robinson used mixed media techniques to create these great ATC's.

2. Loom Knit Slouchy Hat- Dana Groff has a great start on this cute slouchy hat.

2. Coffee station Sign and Cup Holder- Deb Zinzer Clack just needs a couple of hooks to finish this great cup holder.

Coming Up

Oct. 25th, 6:30pm -Pyrex Dish Glass Etching Class with Kittd

Oct. 29th, 10am-noon- Spooky Saturday trick or treating in Czech Village

Nov. 1st- we will resume taking drop-offs

Nov. 2nd, 6:30pm Card Making Group

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