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I have to confess something...I am a lazy crafter. I love projects that require minimal fussy measuring, cutting and preparation. I like to make things that are quick, easy, and cheap, preferably using things I already have or can pick up from around the house.

When I found this super cute pumpkin project on Pinterest I knew this was one I had to try. You can check out the original post by A Piece of Rainbow at

Here's how I created mine...

Supplies- toilet paper, batting cut into strips, fabric cut/torn into strips, sticks about 4-6 inches long

1. Wrap a strip of batting around the toilet paper roll. Don't worry about securing the end of the batting, the fabric will hold it in place. I didn't measure the batting. It should be a little tall than the toilet paper.

2. Choose your fabrics. Your imagination is the only limit here. I used some wool scraps for one and pieces of a felted sweater for another. Don't be afraid to use bright colors or patterns or to use more than one fabric. Rip or cut the fabric into strips approximately 3-4 inches wide and 8ish inches long. I just eyeballed this. It's Ok the fabric strips aren't all the same size.

3. Using on fabric strip at a time, stuff a bit of the fabric strip into the hole, turn the roll over and stuff in the other end. The first few will seem loose. It's ok . Just continue around the roll, overlapping the strips a little bit, pulling the strips kind of firmly. Continue all the way around until all the batting is covered.

4. Push the stick into the hole to create the stem.

That's it! Easy, peasy.

I just love seeing all the projects people are making! Here's the Top 3 (actually 4 because of ties for 1st and 2nd) from Sunday Sept 3

1. Woven Table Mat and origami- Mary Boulet and her daughter created this beautiful blue table mat accented with a lovely origami piece. Now that's team work!

1. Mixed Media Art Journal- Peg Atkins Robinson has a way with mixed media. I love how she uses color in her creations.

2. Decorated Wine Bottle-Chelley Burton Pratt upcycled an old wine bottle into a fun decorative piece.

2. Wood Quote Wall Hanging- Snow Inspired found a perfect quote for this great wall hanging.

Great Job everybody!

Here's the Top 3 from Sunday Sept. 11

1. Bike Table- Mikey Fronjovi from the NewBo Bike Collective, made great use of an old bike, turning it into a fun and functional table.

2. Heat Transfer Mug- Sarah Keedy Kehoe had some fun with her new mug press, creating this cute mug.

2. Mutli Media Canvas- Dori Nickell- Use a variety of techniques to create this touching image.


Sept. 21- Card Making Group 6:30-8:30pm

Sept 25- CzechFest

Back Alley Sale

Sept 27- Book Page Wreath Class- 6:30-8:30pm

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